Incredible creature of God!!! Bacteria that doesn’t need oxygen to survive!!!

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Acts passed the Independence of India!!!

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Wow what a good news for the students!!! This is what in they say karumpu thinga kooliya??? To eat sugarcane they are gonna give salary!!! Sounds crazy!!!

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கருவில் அழிக்க வேண்டியதை


அரியணை ஏற்றினான் இவன்

அரியணை ஏற்றப்படவேண்டியதை

கருவில் அழித்தான் அவன்

சாக்கடை அரசியல்

Colorful paneer jamun

Colorful Paneer Jamun
The goal of every parents is to prepare delectable foods for their babies. It’s very difficult to give food for picky eaters. They daily need different varieties. While coming to snacks it’s very difficult to contentment our picky eaters. So we try tasty as well as ,easy to make snacks. Here is one of such varieties. Color ful paneer Jamun.

• For this we need 1 litre of milk
• Pink or any food colors
• Rose essence
• ½ a cup of sugar
• 1 ½ cups of water

  1. first we need to boil the milk to make paneer. While the milk reach it’s boiling point add juice of 1 lemon
One litre of milk
Adding lemon juice in a boiled milk
  1. After the paneer separate from water just filter it using white cloth
Seperated paneer from water.
Filtering the paneer
  1. Add some water and filter it again, in order remove the smell of lemon
  1. Now the home made paneer got ready
  1. Then we have to knead the paneer at least for 10 minutes.
Knead it for 10 minutes
  1. Then add the food color and knead it for some more minutes
Here I divided the portion to add two different colors.
  1. Then roll it like this shape
Rolled Jamun
  1. Prepare sugar syrup using the above said proportion of sugar and water
1/2a cup of sugar
1 1/2 cup of water
  1. After 5 minutes add the prepared paneer roll to the syrup
  1. Again cook it for 10 minutes in a medium flame
Rose essence
  1. Add rose essence to make the Jamun flavourful
Colorful paneer Jamun ready
  1. Serve it happily for ur babies.
  2. Yummy colour ful Jamun is ready

February— valentine month

On behalf of valentine month , here we came with few questions. We will post the opt one in our blog.

1. Tell me about your first love??? Unforgettable moments with them?

2. Who is ur childhood curse? Let me know, did they know how u loved them? How much love u paid for them? Nostalgic moments

3. This for married people or committed ones. Who is ur secret love?

Daily blog!!! Today 18/2/2020

It was an awesome day. Day started after 7 am. Had a delectable breakfast puri and potato which was made by lovable mom. Then v started to get ready for a family function. actually my cousin’s son celebrates his first birthday. They arranged a party. Between then I had a clash with my dad. So it always happens. Around 12 pm we reached her home and had a yummy lunch. There they placed a cake to cut. And that sweet boy sliced the cake with the help of his parents and the priest prayed for him and his family.

After finished, he cried and my father just hold his hands, he smiled and he became cool since. So they all had a long happy breath. Relatives presented him with so many gifts. He doesn’t know what is going around him. But he was happy. And we started to home

We got one auto riksha and reached the bus stand. There we took a bus and reached home. Thus our destination arrived.

So had a nap and that was a pleasant day for us. What about u all??? Reply me buddies.

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