Acts passed the Independence of India!!!

Civil service exam material!!! Prepared by experts!!! Have you ever heard about the acts passed before the Indian Independence.? And more… Morley Minto reforms etc., Then click the below link

Wow what a good news for the students!!! This is what in they say karumpu thinga kooliya??? To eat sugarcane they are gonna give salary!!! Sounds crazy!!!

Go through the below link to know more about it. Thank u for spending time to read!!!

Constitution of India study materials 2!!! Tnpsc, upsc exam preparation!!!

Do you Know how many words are there in our Indian Constitution… If not means go through the link below.. u can learn more about our Constitution easily!!! Thank you

Constitution of India study materials!!! Competitive exam materials!!!

To know and study about Constitution of India this the right web place and u can easily prepare for ur competitive exams like upsc and tnpsc Thanks


கருவில் அழிக்க வேண்டியதை அருவருப்பில்லாமல் அரியணை ஏற்றினான் இவன் அரியணை ஏற்றப்படவேண்டியதை கருவில் அழித்தான் அவன் சாக்கடை அரசியல்

Colorful paneer jamun

Colorful Paneer JamunThe goal of every parents is to prepare delectable foods for their babies. It’s very difficult to give food for picky eaters. They daily need different varieties. While coming to snacks it’s very difficult to contentment our picky eaters. So we try tasty as well as ,easy to make snacks. Here is oneContinue reading “Colorful paneer jamun”

Daily blog!!! Today 18/2/2020

It was an awesome day. Day started after 7 am. Had a delectable breakfast puri and potato which was made by lovable mom. Then v started to get ready for a family function. actually my cousin’s son celebrates his first birthday. They arranged a party. Between then I had a clash with my dad. SoContinue reading “Daily blog!!! Today 18/2/2020”

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