Love and Passion!!!

Mr. Suresh and Ms. Manusali were thick friends. Last year they celebrated their 20th friend anniversary. Obviously they started their friendship journey from the very first day of their birth. In fact they were born on the same day, same hospital, and fortunately their parents were lived in the same place.

They had been in the same school and college. So their friendship have been raised exponentially. While going like this, everyone has suspect,. They were in love. But they had a pure bliss.

One day the college arranged a trip to kodaikanal. On that day unfortunately they missed their bus. So they decided to go to ooty., They alone. After destination arrived they booked a room and had rest for an hour.

After getting refreshed they decided to visit the places. They went on shooting the spots and snapped their pictures. They took so many selfie’s too. Though the time passed just like that, they forget to notice the time. The time was almost around 11 pm and they got stuck in the midst of the jungle. They just lost their last vehicle too.

They didn’t know what to do. Just they thought it was a trial for them. On the midst of the jungle they keep on taking the snaps. Suddenly it was started raining. So they decided to hide themselves from the rain , nevertheless the situation made them to make a mistake. Unfortunately they lost their virginity on that night.
On the next day they moved to the room. Until then they didn’t had a conversation at all. They were regretted for their mistake. After reaching motel they cried a lot and then they realized , he/ she is the one who was made for her/ him. Then started their live in relationship.

After that only the real story started.

Mr. Suresh used to have physical relationship with Ms. Manusali. They started living happily as a couple. One fine day Suresh started to interfere in her work and she got depressed, since she had been told keep a distance from gents. And unfortunately her work is mostly spent with gents. She took a long breath and went away.
On that night she had a reluctance to talk with Suresh, so she went to bedroom and asleep. The next day he again told, here after you are not supposed to go dance practice, so that u r not going to have any dance competition. She desperately screamed. He didn’t care about her and went to office.

She became mad and decided to take her life . But fortunately a thought came to her mind. Why should I end my life, when he itself living without any worries. Why should I???

Then she decided to leave that home. She started a new life without him in an unknown place. He searched her and went on. Because of her relentless work she got a chance to go to America. So she lived their along with her passion. She lives a contentment life. On the other hand Suresh is still searching her….
The end

Live ur Passion. Everything will come on ur way.

Love and hate

It was a hectic day for Mr. Monic. Being tired he went to bed room and switched on the a.c. Unknowingly he fell asleep and dint notice what is going around him. The next morning he became active and felt contentment. He took his shower and stepped into dinning room to have his breakfast without getting ready. He called his wife Mrs. Sangis, darling what is there for breakfast, give it fast. It’s almost time to leave dear.

He noticed silence from kitchen, stepped out from dinning room to see his wife. His heart stopped for a minute and stumbled and started to fall down. He pushed him up from falling. He thought it was a dream, rushed to his wife and held her hands to hear her heart beat. Unfortunately it has been stopped a while ago. He stumbled and didn’t know what to do. He had been noticed her blood shed around her neck and literally his heart almost stopped. It was last night he failed to notice his wife because of his busy day though. He has been in a fire , what happened to my wife??? Who murdered her? Who can do this ?

He noticed a letter in her hand. It stated a big story and he started to go through it. Yeah it was his mistakes and pushed her to take this decision. Last night she called him and he forgets to pickup because of his busy schedule. She felt lonely and because of her depression killed herself. And literally he started crying and in fact he loved her a lot. But what made her to take this decision, yeah he failed to express his love towards her. The loneliness killed her. The unexpressed love went unnoticed. He realized his mistakes. He lost his wife though. He fell down and unfortunately there was a sharp kitchen tool which was got into his chest. He too took his last breath.

Express ur love and hate without fail

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